-* Diving *-


Varsity Letter for Diving

Even though my sophomore year was my first year diving, I was still able to letter in the sport that year. This was because of my intense work ethic. My goal was to earn my varsity letter, and I was always willing to work hard in order to accomplish this aspiration. This goal helped me to perservere through many tough and even painful practices. My work did pay off. After only one season of practice, I was able to learn the necessary eleven dives to compete in a meet and was also able to earn my varsity letter.



Picture of Me Diving

This is a picture of me doing a backdive during a meet. The meets taught me how to perform well even under a great deal of pressure. Diving in front of large crowds helped me tremendously by increasing my self-confidence. I also gained a lot of mental control from the sport. Though the physical aspect of diving is very imporant, the mental aspect is even more so. Diving helped me with both of these areas.



Newspaper Article

I was mentioned in a newspaper article for my performance in our league meet. This mention be found in the middle of the right column. I placed 10th in the league meet with a score of 193.10. This score was my personal best. Though it was only my first year with the sport, my work ethic helped me to accomplish a great number of things.