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-* Community Service *-


Since I have gained so much from my community, I have always felt it important to put some time and effort back into it as well. Thus far, I have 55 service hours in several different areas:

Community Activity
Hours worked
Presented Internet Science and Technology Fair Project to the Society of Automotive Engineers-ESD foundations and to Governor Engler
4 hours
Played my flute for the Festival of Trees at Cobo Hall
4 hours
Spoke at a student/parent orientation for the DCMST
2.5 hours
Helped at the DCMST open house
2 hours
Dearborn Center for Math, Science, and Technology Website Maintenance
37.5 hours
"Santa Snaps" for the Rotary Club at the Festival of Lights on Hines Drive
5 hours



DCMST Web Maintainance

Most of my time has been dedicated to the Dearborn Center for Math, Science, and Technology (DCMST). I enthusiastically volunteered to create a website for the math department of the DCMST and have maintained the website on a weekly basis since then. I was very eager to take on this responsibility and provide my service to this school. In order to do this, I've worked very cooperatively with my teachers, and have been very dependable in fulfilling their wishes.

I have benefited a great deal from these community service experiences. My technical proficiency has increased tremendously from maintaining the website on a weekly basis. I have become very knowlegable with many web builder programs along with other pieces of technology. I have also learned to work very coorperatively with other people. Working on the DCMST website has allowed me to offer imput while listening to the ideas of others. The best products are produced when this type of coorperation occurs.



"Santa Snaps" at the Festival of Lights

This community service experience was a valuable one because it allowed me to work with members of the Rotary Club. While helping, I got to entertain young children while making sure order was maintained.