-* DCC Junior Golf *-


DCC Junior Golf Participation Award

I have participated in the Dearborn Country Club (DCC) Junior Golf Program for over eight years. It has been one of the activities I have done to stay busy during the summer. I have continued to improve both the mental and physical aspects of my game. Throughout the years I have accumulated many medals for the weekly competitions and have also won several championships. Golf has become a sport I truly enjoy because it is primarily an individual sport. I am always motivated to strive for my personal best. My participation in this program led me to join the golf team for my high school.



Picture of Me Golfing

This is a picture of me golfing. In this picture, I was carefully getting ready to take a practice swing and was concentrating on how I wanted going to hit the ball. I always became this focused before actually addressing the ball. Going through these procedures every time I've played has helped me become a much better golfer, especially when considering the mental aspect of the game.