-* Marching Band *-


Instrumental Music Award

I received this award as a freshman when I received my varsity band letter. I earned it after a great deal of practice and effort. I had attended band camp and had attended all of the practices and meetings. Throughout the year, I improved a lot. My musical ability was taken to an even higher level.



Solo and Ensemble- District Festival

Though a band relies a great deal on teamwork, I always tried to improve my musical ability as an individual. I received a I rating at the district Solo and Ensemble Festival as a freshman. In order to earn this rating, I became very dedicated. I was disciplined enough to uphold strict practicing habits in order to strive for musical excellence. I was very proud while playing my solo because I knew my hard work had paid off.



Solo and Ensemble- State Festival

I also received a I rating at the state Solo and Ensemble Festival. In order to earn a I there, I knew I would have to improve my piece even more. I continued to practice a great deal, and ended up reaching my goal.



Most Outstanding Freshman Award

I received this award at band camp during my freshman year. I was recognized for the hard work I had put in to learn how to march with the band. Though I had never marched before, I quickly picked up the skill. This was because I tried to get the most I possibly could out of each and every practice. I always had a good attitude and always did my absolute best. I also tried to help my peers as well. I was truly honored to be recognized with this award.



Best Dressed Freshman Award

I received this award as "Best Dressed Freshman" from my peers. In order to receive it, my peers noticed and respected me. They appreciated my positive attitude and willingness to work hard. I was well-liked by the rest of the band because of my outgoing personality.



Picture of Me Marching

This is a picture of me marching with the rest of the band. Being a part of this group taught me how to be part of a team. While marching on the field and in parades, I learned that it was most important to excel as a group, and not to just excel as an individual.