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FGGGHow old is psychology? Some individuals may believe that it is a new fangled craze, created only as a moneymaker. However, this is not true. Psychology has roots in mythology, philosophy and religion. Psychology dates as far back as the age of the sage Greeks. Also many others believe that it was Plato and Socrates who started the pursuit of psychology when recognizing the human mind and a person's behavior. However, only until the 1870's, did psychology become and independent academic field.

1873 - "Principles of Physiological Psychology" was published by Wilhelm Wundt

1879 - (birth of psychology) Wilhelm Wundt began the first official psychological laboratory at the University of Leipzig in Germany where he established a scientific approach to psychology. He also experimented on peoples' reaction time.

1883 - The first psychology laboratory in America was established at Johns Hopkins University by G. Stanley Hall.

1892 - Edward Titchener, Wundt's former student, launched Structuralism in America, The American Psychological Association (APA) was founded in 1892.

1904- Willliam James publishes "Does Consciousness Exist?" and "A World of Pure Experience"

1908 - William McDougall published "An Introduction to Social Psychology" and established the field of Social Psychology.

1909 - At Clark University Sigmund Freud offereded his concepts of psychoanalysis.

1912 - Max Wertheimer introduced Gestalt psychology.

1913 - John Watson published "Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It", thus introduced "Behaviorism"

1916- The Journal of Experimental Psychology is established

1923- Sigmund Freud publishes The Ego and the Id

1927- First edition of Psychological Abstracts, First edition of Journal General of Psychology

1934- Established is the American Institute of Public Opinion

1939- Arthur Ramos publishes The problem children

1953 - The American Association of Psychology published the first "Code of Ethics of Psychologists".

1954 - Abraham Maslow published "Motivation and Personality", introducing a hierarchical theory of human needs.

1957 - Noam Chomsky published "Syntactic Structures" which lead to the creation of a new field known as Psycholinguistics.

1960- In Mexico, the first school of professional psychology is established

1967- Robert Watson instituted the first history of psychology PHD
program in the world

1977- Psychology in Australia: Achievements and Prospects is published by Nixon and Taft

1979- The Greek Parliament promulges a law specifying the qualifications for
the profession of psychologist

1987- An estimated 18,000 psychologists in France

1995- Initial issue of Psychology, Public Policy, And Law

2000- Held in Stockholm, Sweden, The XXVII International Congress of Psychology



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