Hemispheric Dominance

There are many factors that cause certain types of tasks to be more challenging for some people than others. One of these factors is hemispheric dominance of the brain. Separated by the longitudinal fissure, the brain is divided into two sections. There is a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere. The right hemisphere is responsible for gestures, facial movements and body language. It is associated with perceptual, spatial, visual, and intuitive information. The left hemisphere deals with verbal, logical, and analytical types of thinking. Though both parts of the brain are required to perform more complex types of daily tasks, people often tend to be dominant with either their right or left side.

People who are left-brain dominant often tend to rely on logic rather than on intuition. They reason things out rather than act on a gut feelings. While taking a test, a left-brained person may piece together a problem by using different clues and a logical sequence to arrive at an answer. In comparison, a right-brained person would be more likely to just have an instinctive feeling as to which answer was correct. In addition, left-brained people look at things in terms of logical and sequential order. This type of thinking allows the smaller parts of a "bigger picture" to be lined up so that conclusions can be made. The left brain also processes things in sequences rather than integrating several things at one time. Left-brained people like to do tasks in order, and often just tackle one job at a time. The sequential processing also makes it easier to follow directions. Additionally, the left side of the brain recognizes letters, numbers, symbols, and words. This causes left-side dominant people to learn better after being exposed to words rather than pictures. Also as a result of preferring verbal things rather than visual ones, people who favor their left hemisphere are better at remembering peoples' names rather than their faces. They find it much more difficult to place a face with a name. The memorization of vocabulary words and formulas is also much easier since words and symbols are easily recognized. Left brained people can usually express themselves well with words because the left hemisphere is also responsible for language and verbal expression. The characteristics of left brain dominance have a definite influence on a person's life.

Though people utilize both hemispheres of their brain, many of them tend to favor the left side. It is the side responsible for the tasks crucial to people who work a great deal with letters and numbers. These are the types of people who are skillful writers and engineers. They constantly work with letters and numbers in their everyday lives, which causes them to utilize their left brain tremendously. Since the left brain also controls verbal skills, people who do a lot of speaking rely heavily on their left side as well. As a result, public officials, teachers, and news reporters on television often tend to be left side dominant. Left side dominance and its effects influence the abilities people possess and the career choices they make.




The right and the left hemispheres of the brain are responsible for carrying out different functions.

The right and left hemispheres of the brain are separated by the by the longitudinal fissure